How long is Elite Fence Products warranty valid for?

Lifetime.  This form is located on our website under the SPEC and DRAWING tab.

When ordering gates is all the hardware included?

Yes.  This applies to swing gates and Zip Track gates.

How can I purchase material from Elite Fence Products?

You can contact us via the form on the Contact Us page, or email info@elitefence.com directly.  A sales representative will contact you within 24 hours.

What are the major differences between Aluminum fence and railings compared to a steel or wrought iron product?

Our aluminum product comes with a lifetime warranty as opposed to a 20 year warranty most steel products have. Our panels are assembled by using a punched post instead of a rail end for steel products. These rail ends can be tampered with and provides less security. Our punched post system allows the rail to slide inside the post and fastened with a hidden screw.

Is there an additional charge for colors? Does Elite Fence offer custom colors?

There are no additional charges for stock colors, however for any colors other then black, Bronze and White you must use a .080 wall post.  For custom colors you must provide a color sample which we will match. The price will be allocated based on the material cost.

What are the largest gate sizes available for our Zip Track gates? How do you determine if the gate is a left hand or right hand opening?

The largest size for our standard dual track Zip Track gate is 40′. Anything over the 40′opening would be constructed as a box frame gate which can exceed 70′. A gate is determined whether it is a left hand or right hand opening by the way the gate layout on the project is designed. If a gate slides to the right to open it is considered right handed if it slides to the left to open it is considered left handed.

What colors are available for Zip Track gates?

All of our standard colors apply to our Zip Track gates as well.

How many locations are there at Elite Fence Products? Do they stock material?

There are 3  locations at Elite Fence Products.  The corporate headquarters in Chesterfield MI, Murfreesboro, TN and Port Richey, FL.  All locations are fully stocked and can ship directly to customers from each location.

Our rail end brackets available ?

Yes.  We have both flat mount rail ends brackets and swivel rail ends available.   For easy installation using our punch post is the preferred method, however certain specifications and designs require a rail end.