LEED Certified

LEED Certification Aluminum

Based on the LEED 2009 v3 standard for New Construction and Major Renovations.


Elite Fence Products Inc. is constructed from aluminum extrusions with a recycled content of at least 78% by weight. Post-consumer scrap is a minimum of 17% of the content and pre-consumer scrap constitutes a minimum of 61% of the material. This meets the materials and resources (MR) Credit 4: Recycled Content of 20% minimum (post-consumer + Ā½ pre consumer) requirements. Using this formula the total combined recycled content of our aluminum is 48%.


Any project that uses Elite Fence Products Inc. is eligible for 2 points in the MR credit 4 (Recycled Content category).


If any additional information is needed regarding LEED and fence installation, please contact our specification department at 1-800-783-1331 or email us at techspec@elitefence.com.


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Elite Fence Products Inc. Specification Department